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Foreclosure Defense

Roosevelt Law Center PC specializes in foreclosure defense. Our main service and duty are to protect homeowners and their families from Foreclosure. We are the highest rated law firm in this industry as judged by our past client surveys, 99% success and satisfaction ratings. We are the most experienced with over 50 years of foreclosure defense experience shared between our dedicated legal team.

If your mortgage lender has notified you of the below actions:

  • Notified you that you are in default of your mortgage,
  • Notified you that you are in active foreclosure,
  • Notified you that you are in active foreclosure and a Foreclosure Attorney has been hired,
  • Notified you that you are in active foreclosure, and your home is scheduled for a foreclosure auction on a set date,

You need to consult with and hire a foreclosure defense attorney right away! Do not sit and wait for your mortgage company to help you, or to feel bad for you, or to have empathy for your situation.

 The time to call your mortgage company and ask for help by talking about your hardships and income has passed. The mortgage company will NOT review you for any options with honest and ethical intensions if your loan is in default. With the current housing market being at an all-time high, most homes (most likely yours as well) have lots of equity. This equity will motivate your mortgage company to foreclose on your loan, to sell your home to the highest bidder (this is a sellers’ market), and to evict you as soon as possible. This is not an IF, rather a WHEN!

No matter what Press Release they send you, no matter that they tell you on the phone, if you are in default, you either must make a one lumpsum payment to catch up on your entire past due (Self-Cure reinstatement), or they WILL foreclose. It is a financial decision they will make to benefit themselves and their investors each time. Each time the homeowner (YOU) will be an afterthought.


Homeownership is not a right. It is a privilege. However, being treated fairly and with empathy in the foreclosure process is a right that you have. A right you must exercise with the right attorneys!  

Loan Modification

If your income and household budget has experienced a drastic change, you may be eligible for a loan modification. Loan modification includes the following options:

  • Reduction of Interest Rate and Payment to current industry levels
  • Fair and reasonable repayment plan to repay large past due delinquencies
  • Fair and reasonable reinstatement amounts to repay large past due delinquencies
  • Mortgage Assumption actions between family members of recently deceased homeowners

Roosevelt Law Center PC can prepare your case (whether in foreclosure or outside of foreclosure) for loan modification options with your lender. Our Firm has successfully modified thousands of mortgages to more affordable levels for clients. Even if you already have a past modification or two or three on your mortgage history, or if you are only a few months behind and not yet in foreclosure, you have this option as the best way to get back on track with your mortgage. Maybe even lower the payments to a more affordable level. Your mortgage company will never offer you the best possible option available, they will protect their profits. It is up to you to protect your budget and bank account from them.

You will need to provide supporting documentation proving you suffered a sudden reduction of income, or a health hardship, or other unforeseen hardship. We need to explain why you fell behind, and why you deserve a review for loan modification.  Loan modification is not a right. You can’t just decide you want a lower payment and demand a loan modification. If you are not suffering from any hardship and want a lower payment, you must apply for a refinance. Our support team can help you review your case and see if you are eligible for a loan modification or need to consider the traditional Refinance option.

Note: you should never fall behind on payments on purpose in hopes of being qualified for a loan modification. Your mortgage company will do a full comprehensive audit of your case and will deny your request for a loan modification when they discover you tried to take advantage of the loan modification option. This will hurt your credit, and thus hinder you from qualifying for a refinance.

Roosevelt Law Center PC will never tell you to fall behind on payments. And our firm will never accept a case where the homeowner has fallen behind on purpose to be reviewed for a loan modification.

What if you do not want to keep your home?

Then our legal team can discuss with you your options with a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure, or Cash for Keys. If you are in active foreclosure, you still have the option of keeping some power of decisions. Instead of allowing your mortgage company to decide when you are to be evicted and how much time you have in your home, we can negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement with your mortgage lender. We can negotiate how long you have in the house, and even secure you cash incentives to move out of the home without any problems or incidents.

Give us a call today to discuss the above services Roosevelt Law Center PC is proud to offer!

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